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The Work

of Torrin Nelson

I come from a background as a self-portrait photographer, so I love to express strong emotions and feelings in my work. I take the lessons that I've learned from 8 years of photography experience and my degree in graphic design into each project. I'm seeking some freelance and/or contract opportunities in fields and with causes that make me feel passionate.

If I'm not designing, I'm probably reading. Words that spark unique ideas, vivid visuals, and strong feelings are the biggest source of inspiration for me in my creative process. Reading has opened my mind to the world around me in bigger ways than I thought possible. I’m thankful to see the world through different perspectives and comforted to be reminded of the mundane details of life that normally go unnoticed. When I have finished reading a book that has changed my life and gripped me in some way, I get very excited to share and create from what I’ve learned.

And I'm excited to create for and with you, if you have any opportunities. I'd love to hear from you and learn about what you're working on.

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