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Grandpa Torrin Book Club

Hello everyone.

I've been putting this off for a long time because I haven't decided if I even want to do this, and I have been worried that no one will actually care about anything that I write or talk about. I got over myself and decided to do it anyway.

I used to read all the time when I was in elementary school, but that habit was rudely kicked when one of my teachers wouldn't let us read after finishing our work and in between lessons (not going to name names, but I'm a little bitter). I read the popular Young Adult series that were becoming movies through middle and high school, but besides those, I rarely read. I probably read less than 5 books per year, and I thought that was good. I remember books would take me about a month to read because I wasn't really into them. I had so many other things to fill my time. Life is demanding, and TV and movies are easier entertainment.

Thankfully, I have gotten back into reading. It actually all started when my friend Gabi got me to watch the Harry Potter movies for the first time in my life. After watching the movies, I bought all the books, and I read through them all in about a month. I spent every free second reading them because I was so invested in the characters in the story. I honestly didn't expect to fall in love with reading again, but I did. And I didn't stop at reading the Harry Potter series. I kept reading and reading. And now a lot of my free time revolves around reading.

By reading again, I can feel a positive impact on my life. It has expanded my mind, and it has sparked a thirst for knowledge and information. I love to find common themes and find beautiful quotes throughout all the books that I read.

So Grandpa Torrin Book Club, for now, will take the form of a blog. I want to give my opinions on the books that I've been reading and share important quotes. This will be purely opinion based, and I know that a lot of people probably won't have the same taste as me, but I just wanted an outlet to talk about the things I love and to start a book club. I am not a literary scholar, but I am learning more and more about writing and story structure, and I'm excited to keep growing as a reader and student of literature.

My current favorite genre is novels, and fiction is definitely what I prefer. I think there's something really special about it. It teaches lessons without the reader even being aware of it at first. I've learned so much by only reading fiction.

Well, I think that's about all for my introduction. We'll get to know each other better throughout the year. Welcome to the club.


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