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Berlin Does Graphic Design Better

Berlin was high on my list of places I wanted to travel, but I definitely should have done more research before visiting there. I don’t think that I was able to make the most out of the trip, but the more I reflect on it, the more I am attached to Berlin. I want to go back some day in a better mindset, knowing more of what to expect.

Let me start off by saying, Berlin does graphic design better than any other city that I have visited, and I was in awe of the grunge yet minimal graphics that decorated the urban environment.

Getting to Berlin was relatively easy, and we quickly figured out public transportation to our airbnb. When we arrived to our airbnb, our host had lost her phone, so we spent about 45 minutes helping her find it, and finding it was one of my greatest accomplishments in life somehow. It was such a beautiful place and a great location. Berlin encompasses a large area, so everything took about 30-40 minutes of traveling to get from place to place.

After a nap, we got ready to explore the city. We started at a cafe directly below our airbnb, and we had to quickly go get some Euros in cash because a lot of places in Berlin only took cash. We then traveled to the heart of the city and took some photos. We tried some Milchkaffee, which was really good. We ran into a very nice lady named Sophia, and we got really expensive dinner. (We learned that it’s important to make reservations for dinner at Berlin restaurants.) We ended up almost getting locked out of our Airbnb, and we were just very ready to rest after a long week of traveling.

Day two in Berlin was a lot more manageable (and hot and sunny). We started with a great breakfast at Silo coffee, which had menus in English, which was very nice. We did some thrifting, and lots of walking / shopping. We tried to see some landmarks and take some photos. Then, we got some great gelato and walked back to our dinner reservations where we had a great South Germany Pasta Dish. After a wonderful dinner, we got mini wine bottles and walked to the East Side Gallery and watched the sunset. We went to sleep a little early so that we could wake back up at 3:30am to catch our flight back for our last leg of the trip in London.



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