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Green Book

[From April]

Green has been one of my favorite colors for most of my life, but it sometimes fades into the background. When spring comes, I celebrate the return of green and all of the feelings that are associated with that color, and that's one of my favorite parts of the year. It's weird the way that we humans can adapt to the lack or the presence of something and start to forget about what life was like with(out) them. One of those things is green.

Green brings so much energy into my life that the winter sucked away without me even noticing. I find myself wanting to be outside as much as possible, and my photos have color again. I feel new, refreshed, and ready to be active again. There's something different in the air when everything is green, and the general mood of the environment and people is more light-hearted and at ease. Winter can be so uncomfortable, but spring brings comfort and peace.

Sometimes, the green can be overwhelming, and it can bring with it negative feelings such as envy and jealousy and nostalgia for a time when I could hide from the light. But this is a season of stepping into the light and intentionally growing whether painful not.

Green in spring is different than green in summer. Green in spring is peaceful, new, and not aggressive. The cooler air makes it all more bearable and rewarding. This green allows me to appreciate all the good that green can be. I can experience—life, health, nature, growth, balance, and harmony.

I think the first place that I start to notice the green is in the grass. The grass is no longer brown, dead, and lacking color—clover begins to grow and cover the dead patches, bringing with it hope, luck, and festivities like St. Patrick's Day. I then begin to notice the green in the buds on the trees, waiting to open and bloom and add beauty to the grey surroundings. About a week later, I'll notice that every tree that was bare or sparse is now fully covered by new and beautiful green leaves. There is so much to learn by observing nature in this season.

I want to observe the green in nature and do the same. I want to bloom, I want to grow. I want to move toward the light without fear or hesitation. I want to put myself out there for people to see and notice the growth in my life. (I should also probably drink more water). I've taken a lot of steps in the right direction, and spring is reminding me that I am on the right track. I hope I can continue to stay green in all seasons, but especially in this season where it is so easy and necessary to thrive.

Sometimes I get mad at myself because I'm not taking the time to intentionally grow like I should, but I know that I am still growing, and I'm learning to be green rather than too blue. I love the sun, but I also love the rain. I need reminders of each season in every season because they are all valuable to a healthy and happy life.


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