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For quite some time, I have been hoping to be able to travel outside of the United States and visit Europe, a place with older history. I made it one of my 2019 goals to travel to Europe, and I am so thankful to say that I made that goal happen. What makes things even better was I got to go alongside one of my best friends, Gabi (and one of the greatest designers. Check her out here). We had a great and exhausting time walking all over Europe and napping in random parks.

For now, I wanted to talk about our first day in Europe and share some of the photos from London.

Because of a mishap and rude encounter with United Airlines, Gabi and I had to be put on separate flights, so we arrived in London at very different times. I ended up arriving about 8 hours ahead of Gabi, and I had to navigate my way around Europe without WiFi or internet access. I ended up finding my airbnb alright and settled in for the night. The next morning I woke up and met Gabi at the Pimlico Station and we started our first day in London together. What I remember the most was people busily hurrying off on their commutes to work. I saw little kids on these 3-wheeled scooters in their uniforms on the way to school, and I saw businessmen and women stopping in and out of cafes. The lighting was absolutely beautiful, and I just kept feeling like we were living in a dream.

As with any good day, we started the day off at a cafe called Cafe De Borek, and the cappuccino was so good. We navigated our way around the Tube and found ourselves at Green Park and Buckingham Palace. We walked around and stopped at St. James Park to take some photos. We kept walking until we got to Big Ben, which was unfortunately under construction. After that, we stopped for lunch at Poppy’s and got some great fish and chips. Then, we went to Hyde Park and took a nap because we were exhausted.

We learned the hard way that public restrooms in London require money to be used, and we had no British money. So that’s a travel tip for anyone visiting Europe to have loose change and cash.

We got more coffee and watched the swans, which are actually gigantic in London, and honestly, I’m still scared of them. We then got dinner at Franco Manca, and settled in for the night for some good rest. We sat up in our little beds editing our images from the day and talking about how surreal everything was.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to post more from the other days as well as soon as I get around to editing them all.

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